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How we use personal information that you provide to us via this website.

We will not usually collect any personal information about you. The exceptions to this are:

Oakingtons Clinic Ltd will require you to provide us with contact details so that we may contact you to confirm and remind you of appointments that have been made.

If any of the information that you provide to us changes, for example if you change your email address, name, address or contact numbers, please let us know the correct details by sending an email to

You should note that the Internet is not a secure medium. However to protect your data we put in place various security procedures including use of firewalls, backup measures, etc. Please be assured our computers are password protected and all confidential notes are shredded after your appointment, once they are entered onto 'Cliniko' the medical records program.

Third party internet sites that you can link through to from our website are not covered by our Privacy Policy, so we accept no responsibility or liability for these sites.

We use “cookies” to enable our systems to recognize browsers and help us to track visitors to our site, so we can better understand the information that visitors to our site are looking for. You can find out more about the way cookies work on We use cookies for our webpage (Wix), Google Analytics and Facebook advertisements. Most browsers allow you to turn off the cookie function.

If you have any queries about they way we use your data that have not been addressed either here or in our privacy policy, please contact:

Lynn Peters

07967 270252

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